Michael “Bear” Baltierra is nothing short of an amazing example of how hard work and determination pays off. He began his weight loss journey over a year ago with Rolling Strong and he has been shedding the pounds ever since. He has lost a total of 183 pounds!
Rolling Strong CDL Coaches understand the barriers that drivers face and encourage small goals based on what a driver can realistically do in a realistic timeline.

Here are the first 3 goals “Bear” set:
1. Cutting back on fast food
*did you know: fast food is typically 30% higher in fats, calories and sodium than meals prepared at home.
2. Increasing his water intake in place of sodas
*did you know: sodas can add anywhere from 150-400 extra calories depending on drink size and can halt weight loss.
3. Positive mindset
*did you know: many weight loss endeavors fail due to your own mindset. As coaches, our goal is to keep drivers motivated even when they slip!

Rolling Strong is so proud of Bear and his outstanding 183 pound weight loss. It has been an honor to be a part of his healthy lifestyle transformation. Look at Bear now!


Bear Michael TCA headliner


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