Add on Solutions

(offered by request)

Rebuilt™ Program

An on-site health rehab “camp” for those who are not able to pass the DOT Exam but are otherwise qualified to drive. Rebuilt™ has been tested and proven over an eight month study with a positive ROI.

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Sleep Apnea Screening and Treatment

Through our partnership with AeroFlow drivers can receive testing in their cab or at home. Drivers have support from AeroFlow Sleep Specialists and Rolling Strong’s CDL Wellness Coaches.

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Owner-Operator Program Resource

AAOO Wellness Rolling Strong CDL Wellness Program for AAOO members

Rolling Strong has partnered with AAOO, a nationwide trade organization for professional truckers, created to help drivers be healthier and get wealthier!

AAOO members receive the Rolling Strong CDL Wellness Program as part of their membership.

Learn more about AAOO benefits, the AAOO-Rolling Strong CDL Wellness Program and inquire about enrollment.

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Fit System Products

Drivers have a workout system available for strength training and cardio at any time in their own cab, making it easier to lose weight and stay on the road to better health. In-terminal options available.

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Ready Re-Cert

Drivers may elect to participate in the Ready Re-Cert program 30-90 days prior to their DOT Exam. They receive more frequent one on one coaching with recommended diets and lifestyle changes to better prepare them to pass the exam.

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Second Chance

The Second Chance Program is for new recruits and students that fail the DOT Exam or Physical Assessment during driver orientation. Instead of the driver being disqualified, the driver has an opportunity to work one on one with a CDL Wellness Coach for a few days and try again, for a Second Chance to be hired.

For more information, or to get started, Contact Us or call 1-888-506-6079.