Ten trucking executives competed for the title of Fittest Executive last week at the TCA Convention in Nashville, TN. The TCA Fittest Executive Challenge Inaugural Event was hosted by TCA Wellness, powered by Rolling Strong. The event represented more than a fitness challenge by bringing awareness to driver health initiatives and the importance of investing in driver health to save skilled drivers and improve retention.

Left to right: Bob Perry, Joey Hogan, Scott Randall, Andrew Boyle, Michael Eggleton, Chris Hummer, Jeff Ford, Randy Luckow, Susan Hilgenkamp, John Spiros and Steve Kane (Missing from group photo is Mike Cobb)

The 10 TCA-member executives represented different fleets and began working with a CDL Wellness Coach at the beginning of February in preparation for the competition. During that time, participants received:

  • First hand knowledge and experience with the TCA Wellness Program
  • Free Fit Stepper and Fit System for training
  • Weekly coaching to improve their health and fitness levels with highly trained and experienced CDL Wellness Coaches
  • Three bio screenings taken by a partner retail pharmacist: Blood Pressure, Weight, BMI, Heart Rate and Blood Sugar

Scoring at the event included points for coaching sessions, biometric improvements and the number of repetitions completed throughout the fitness circuit. The fitness circuit consisted of eight stations where participants were timed for one minute for each exercise and the number of repetitions completed equaled one point.

The circuit used included:

✴Station 1. upper body -chest press then lower body – squats
✴Station 2. stepper: cardio
✴Station 3. upper body – fly’s then lower body -alt lunges
✴Station 4. stepper: cardio
✴Station 5. upper body – shoulder press then upper body – tricep press
✴Station 6. stepper with bicep curls added
✴Station 7. bench press tire
✴Station 8. crunches against the tire

Participants in the TCA Fittest Executive Challenge Inaugural Event were:

  • Joey Hogan – Covenant Transport
  • Chris Hummer – Don Hummer Trucking
  • Scott Randall – Hogan Transport Inc.
  • John Spiros – Roel Transport Inc.
  • Michael Eggleton – Raider Express Inc.
  • Susan Hilgenkamp – Fremont Contract Carriers Inc.
  • Jeff Ford – Bennett Motor Express LLC.
  • Andrew Boyle – Boyle Transportation – The 2017 Fittest Executive
  • Randy Luckow – Dart Transit Company
  • Mike Cobb – Landstar Systems Inc.

Many of the participants shared their thoughts and ideas about the process and tips to make next years event even better. Some were surprised at the strength component compared to cardio while others felt the strength exercises were challenging but about the right in difficulty. Many participants are excited to participate again next year and to help promote it to others and see it grow. We think this comment by Jeff Ford sums up the thoughts of many of the executives nicely, “I will recall why I did it – for the drivers, I am glad I did, and I will try again next year”.

(Enjoy this video recap of the event)

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