With the holidays coming to a close and the New Year’s resolutions rolling in, you may be wondering how to shed some weight in 2017! Walking is one of the most underrated, natural sources of exercise. Walking is efficient, easy and light on your joints. In addition, it can be done almost anywhere! Some benefits to walking regularly include increased bone density, reduces the risk of heart disease, increased energy and of course weight loss! If you choose to walk outside you can also benefit from spending time outdoors and getting some fresh air which is proven to increase your mood and sense of well-being.

Here are 5 tips to help you incorporate steps into your daily routine:

1. Walk you dog! If you have a dog, create a routine of walking them early in the morning and in the evening for 20 minutes if possible. It will go by fast and you can easily get two miles a day in without even noticing it! If you don’t have a pet you can walk alone or with a friend.

2. Get out and walk at a truck stop. If you are taking a break at a truck stop or gas station take the time to either walk around your truck while fueling up or simply walk in place. If you are taking a longer break go for a short walk in a safe area.

3. Turn on your phone’s GPS and map out a mile walk around each terminal you stop at.

4. Buy a step tracker or pedometer and challenge your friends to see who can get the most steps at the end of each week. Getting friends involved with your goals can be both fun and rewarding.

5. Purchase Rolling Strong’s Fit Stepper for your truck! If you do not have the luxury of spending much time at home, you can purchase a Fit Stepper at www.RollingStrong.com and use it while on the road!

Your CDL Wellness Coach can help you brainstorm other ideas too so be sure to connect with them next time you are in the terminal.


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