The executives are in week two of training and have set some great personal wellness goals with their CDL Wellness Coaches. Some of the executives are already reporting progress after one week and are showing true determination and competitive spirit for the title ‘TCA Fittest Executive’.

Rolling Strong would like to extend appreciation to the sponsors of the 1st annual TCA Fittest Executive Challenge. These companies are true visionaries and leaders in recognizing driver health and safety is critical to every corner of the transportation industry.

Freightliner DTNA– Freightliner has been extremely active in moving driver health forward. They are the first OEM to support TCA Wellness and the first to introduce a fitness system specifically designed for the professional driver. The FIT System (Freightliner In-Cab Training System) and the FIT Stepper, are proven tools that drivers can use on the road, making driver health & fitness convenient and affordable.

Bose Ride – Bose is known worldwide for their ability to solve problems through innovation. Everyone knows that driving is a demanding profession, but the Bose Ride Seat is the only device proven to reduce daily exposure to high levels of vibration from the road that can negatively affect driver performance and health. Bose Ride seat suspension technology virtually eliminates this unwanted vibration and dramatically reduces driver fatigue and pain. As a result drivers can feel more comfortable and be more productive.

Michelin Tire – Michelin encourages every employee to choose well and live well. Rolling Strong is proud to partner with Michelin Tire to support TCA Wellness on this important initiative. Drivers keep this industry rolling, so their health and wellness are of paramount importance to their families, their employers and trucking’s future.

TA / PETRO – TA has long lead the way on supporting driver health with their StayFit program commitment. This support benefits drivers and carriers alike. Through TA/PETRO’S sponsorship of TCA Wellness and ever growing StayFit Program, TA/Petro proves driver health issues are a priority.

CIGNA – CIGNA believes a healthy workforce is key to a healthy business. CIGNA offers a variety of group health insurance plans that can help save you and your employees money and increase wellness. CIGNA’s support of TCA Wellness is paramount to the programs success.

Challenge date: March 27 at TCA’s 2017 Annual Convention, Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, TN.


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