Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

For a long time, people have prioritized doing well rather than actually being well. In ancient times, our ancestors prioritized only one occupation, which was hunting and gathering.

Moving from tree to tree in search of natural food and potentially consuming lethal berries and leaves. Their day to day work involved a lot more than we thought. They had to be fast, keen, and sharp as one could easily become prey for other animals.

If you compare that way of life to the present way of doing things, you notice there is one era doing something right and another doing it wrong. Did you know that physicians recommend 10,000 steps per day for good health? However, that being the case, an average employee about 2000 steps a day, which obviously contributes to increased chances of a health risk.

This makes you wonder what employees do to attain a better health outcome! They often take a potential mix of multivitamins and pills whilst enjoying buffets of unhealthy food and skipping wellness activity sessions, hoping that everything will be okay.

But the fact of the matter is that it is never equivalent to being real.

The study has shown that not being involved in your employees’ health might be costing you more than necessary.

In 2018 alone, bad employee healthcare costs have amounted to a loss of $530 billion to employers.

Wellness programs take work, determination, and time. Healthy decisions and behaviors don’t happen in a flash.

Here we offer you an extensive workplace wellness guide on how’s, what’s and why’s coming up with a healthier and undeniably better way of living for your workforce.

What Are Corporate Wellness Programs?

When the work routine slowly became a norm in human history, it came with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Technology’s inclusivity made things even easier, but this happened at the cost of reduced simple physical activity like walking across the rooms to pass a file, one of the necessities of living a healthy life.

With employees spending more hours on the work desk occupied with work, they, in turn, are spending fewer hours on their own personal health; this leads to an employee struggling to sustain a healthy way of life.

However, people in these current times tend to focus on the cure rather than taking preventive measures.

Wellness In The Workspace

If you enter any office in the world, you will most likely be greeted by a very familiar sight regardless of the industry.

The present-day workplace, with its unending hours of sitting, fast foods, eyes glued to the computer screen, is not healthy in any way whatsoever to the mental or physical state of your employees.

Generally, employees tend to make unhealthy decisions simply because their minds focus on work and lack of time to do so. Grabbing a cupcake for breakfast is far much easier than preparing a salad. Contact Rolling Strong to learn more.

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