Corporate Wellness Companies

Corporate Wellness Companies

Rolling Strong is one of the best corporate wellness companies currently operating. Unfortunately, the importance of drivers and company employees’ health and wellness are not stressed nearly enough.

There are many potential health-related problems associated with having a poor diet and exercise program. As a corporation, your job is to learn how to establish a wellness program for your employees. Promoting the wellness of company employees opens the door for your brand’s growth and success in the future.

Rolling Strong can show large and small corporations what corporate wellness programs do for their benefit. We use an entire ecosystem of partnerships with health clinics, dining establishments, and gyms to interact with drivers at locations such as truck stops.

Any fleet that chooses to join our health and wellness programs will pay a flat fee per month for each driver. It is easy to see the savings our plans can provide, especially when compared to the costs of not introducing a wellness program.

Turn to One of the Best Workplace Wellness Companies for Superior Services

Our health and wellness company can introduce your fleet to new planes of success with our onboard management system. Gaining an advantage means you will always remain one step ahead of the game. Our fleet management systems are organized, straightforward, and user-friendly.

Each driver can create an individual profile in the system by imputing core information related to their health. Some of the information gathered for personal profiles includes favorite restaurants, fitness interests, nutritional preferences.

Our Rolling Strong Coaches assist drivers and fleets through the deployment process from start to finish. After the initial deployment, drivers gain access to even more support resources and outlets. Competitions with real peers are based on reaching health and fitness goals. Winners receive access to special events and incentives. All success and achievements are monitored to prevent oversight and produce the best results possible.

Proactive Help Readily Available When Needed the Most

Proactive suggestions for the prime caloric burn are offered to each user based on their activity levels. Nutrition and fitness inquiries from drivers are always accepted, and drivers can make adjustments in real-time. The flexibility of our program adds to its total appeal. Drivers love being able to make on-demand changes to accommodate extended trips or unexpected events.

Our fleet management integration paves the way for coaching and guidance based on every driver’s duty status combined with their individual profile information. The fleet management system also considers the GPS location of drivers. Using the offered accessories from Rolling Strong, drivers can exercise when it is convenient for them. Moving around when possible counts toward incentive rewards for reaching goals.

Jumpstarting a Health and Wellness Program for Drivers

Are you ready to take on the services of one of the best corporate wellness companies? If so, please reach out to our team at Rolling Strong by clicking here. Our customer support team can answer questions, offer guidance, and introduce available options for your fleet. Healthy practices introduced today will alter the rest of your history.

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