“Oops! I might have to cancel the dental appointment I scheduled for next week; my budget isn’t going to cut it.”

“I might need to call my dentist to reschedule our appointment indefinitely. I have to go out and see someone tomorrow and I don’t know when I’ll ever be available again.”

“Dental care? What’s that? It sounds expensive so no thank you.”

If these lines are somewhat familiar to you as if you’ve said them somewhere, sometime before, then you’re in real trouble missy. You’re probably a cynic when it comes to dental care and you probably anything and everything that has to do with it. I’ll tell you something I learned the hard way: You’re going to regret that kind of behavior sooner than later.

In life, we’re allowed to make our own choices. We may think that it is not up to us sometimes but in reality, we are the ones who grab hold of our futures. It is just that we create this illusion that something beyond us controls our decisions. It could be a person, an engagement, work, or other stuff. We tend to blame other things for our own inability to decide for ourselves. But honestly, if we really want to do something, we have all the opportunity to follow what we will. We don’t forego dental care just because it’s expensive. We don’t skip it just because we don’t have the time. There’s no such thing as “having no budget for it.” If we wanted to take better care of our dental health, we would make it happen. We would make time, we would make money, and we would find ways so that it can conveniently fit into our budget. It is because we think it is unnecessary that we refuse to take part in any of it. In other words, it’s our own choice to forego dental care – it’s not a decision we arrived to because of certain circumstances. And I say that it’s the worst decision you will ever make. Check out this Forbes article about it: https://www.forbes.com/sites/robinseatonjefferson/2017/06/16/how-to-avoid-the-jaw-dropping-costs-of-poor-oral-health-no-matter-how-old-you-are/.

In this life, we only get one shot at certain things. We have one shot at creating the right first impression. We have one shot at building a good relationship with our bosses. Just like we only have one shot at taking better care of our teeth.

You see, we only get two sets of teeth in one lifetime. One set, we are given as babies. We call these baby or milk teeth. This set eventually falls out when permanent teeth erupt; they are meant to be temporary. They are then replaced by adult teeth one by one until the time comes that all baby gaps have been filled. Now this new set of teeth is the only one we’re getting for the rest of our lives. No returns; no exchanges. This is what you are to use for the next five or six (maybe more) decades of your life. Once they get done in, that’s it. You get no other set. The only thing you can do after you lose all or most of your adult teeth is to get dentures made or alternatives like dental implants from Dr. Ali at Plush Dentistry. And no, life with either of them isn’t always that easy.

As dentists, we make good money from people who have oral problems. We get a ton of money from making artificial teeth too. So, if you really think about it, you “not taking care of your teeth” is an advantage for us. It means good business.

However, we advise you the opposite: Take better care of your dental health.

It is exactly because we are professionals that we know just how hard life without tines can be. We’ve witnessed many struggles in our day-to-day dealings with patients and we wouldn’t want you to experience the same things they have. If you can and while you still can, make dental care a priority. Trust me; you’ll appreciate this advice far more than you know. Just wait and see; everything you invest in your dental health will eventually pay off. And it is then that you will thank your lucky stars for having read this short article.

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