Wearing eyeglasses may be necessary for visually impaired people, but this does not mean that they cannot be a fashionable accessory. If you pay attention to diopter and frame selection that fits your face, glasses can be a practical and trendy fashion detail.

People wearing spectacles know how much this accessory can add to the beauty of their faces. Also, they are aware of all the possible problems – screws that fall out, a bent frame, the appearance of tiny scratches on the lenses because the glasses fell out of the case, the glass blurring, and so on.

There are simple solutions for each of these situations. You don’t have to visit an optician for every little thing. You can do some minor fixes yourself, as they don’t require any special tools. Mostly all problems are resolved quickly. And you need some alternative if you are not able to go to some of the eyeglass repair services Long Island right away.

Solving Surface Scratches

Until they become accustomed to wearing eyeglasses, people are usually in the habit of frequently removing them, leaving them everywhere, and carrying them out of the case. A quality pair of spectacles cost a lot, so try not to waste money on small repairs that you can do yourself.

The lenses are quite delicate, and the slightest contact with the uneven surface can scratch them. Larger scratches and cracks (don’t mix these two – the DIY fix can’t help with cracks) require complete replacement of the lense, as they can cause problems with looking through them due to the occurrence of light refraction.

When it comes to tiny, surface cuts that aesthetically spoil the look of your spectacles, you can fix them with toothpaste (without abrasive ingredients) or even a car glass cleaner. These agents clean the glass and slightly polish the surface. This way, these cleansers eliminate scratched marks and also reduce the blurring of your lenses.

Loose Spectacles

After a certain period of wearing, your spectacles don’t look the same as they did at the beginning. Mostly the frames, arms, and earpieces loosen, so the eyeglasses slide down from your nose. And that can be quite irritating.

The solution is to re-adjust the frame. On this page, find out how to tighten loose arms:


Depending on whether the frame is wire or plastic, you will use different methods. For metal frames and earpieces, you need soft pliers. You’ll do the settings by placing the tool on the stiffest part of the frame and moving it until you make it comfortable to wear.

Plastic frames need to be warmed up before fixing them. Hot steam, warm water, or even a hairdryer can help. Plastic spreads at high temperatures, so it’s easier to manipulate. Be careful not to let the lenses go directly to the source of the heat, as it may damage them.

If the frame accidentally breaks, the first thing coming to your mind is super glue. You can use this efficient and cheap solution, but only for plastic frames. But if it’s made of metal, don’t wear glasses until you visit a repairer clinic.

Lost Screw

When you wear loose glasses, the screws that hold the frames and temples together lose their function over time and simply drop out. And since they are quite small, the chances of finding them are meager. If you do not have time to visit an optician to solve this problem in just a few minutes, you can quickly repair it on the spot.

If this unpleasant situation occurs, a wooden toothpick or one piece of a toothpick can serve as first aid. Put it where the screw is missing, break it, or cut the excess parts, and you’re done. This will hold your spectacles together until you go to a repair clinic. How to find the reputable optician and repair service, read on this page.

Before and after each ‘intervention,’ it is essential to clean your spectacles. Use special microfiber cloths and special lenses cleaners. Make sure that you touch the lenses as little as possible with your fingers, and always wear this accessory in a case to avoid further damage.

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