Fertility Doctors Fort Lauderdale

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Fertility Doctors Fort Lauderdale

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History tells us that there was immense pressure even on royalty to produce male heirs and it was no different from Catherine of Aragon. She became pregnant seven times but had two miscarriages, one infant was stillborn, and three children died shortly after birth. Her only healthy child went on to become the Queen in 1553 and was known as the infamous “Bloody Mary”.

Henry the VIII went on to marry Ann Boleyn. She bore him another daughter who became the first Queen Elizabeth in 1558 succeeding Bloody Mary. Unfortunately for Ann Boleyn, she was found guilty of high treason and beheaded in 1536. Catherine did not fare much better, being confined in a castle and wearing only sackcloth or a “hair suit” until her death in 1536 at age 50.

Acupuncture Was Available

This little summary of English royalty makes one think how history might have turned out differently had fertility doctors in Fort Lauderdale like the ones at Raviva Health Center been available to Catherine of Aragon. The “technology” of acupuncture was well established in China by the 1500s and we now know that acupuncture is an effective treatment for fertility issues.

Acupuncture works in two ways. First, it relieves stress and it is well known that stress can affect the way natural hormones are produced and fed into the bloodstream. The stressed brain can lead to chemical imbalances that can disrupt the normal functioning of reproductive systems in both men and women. Secondly, acupuncture increases blood flow to our extremities and organs to help our bodies function as they were meant to do. Increased blood flow to the ovaries will nourish the primordial egg making it stronger to produce a full-term baby. For men, it can be the cure for erectile dysfunction (or ED).

Raviva Healing Center is much more than a fertility clinic. Under the guidance of Dr. Carolina Vecchi, the focus is on a holistic approach to good health. Therapies for men include treatment for testosterone replacement, impotency, and infertility. Women can seek treatment for PMS, gynecological health, menopause, and fertility issues.

Henry VIII Needed Help as Well

Old Henry VIII could have benefitted by Raviva’s weight management treatments as well. He weighed about 400 lb. with a waist of over 50 inches and suffered from painful ulcers on his legs. Acupuncture may have helped him combat the “triggers” that led to his obesity and certainly Raviva could have helped him with his nutritional intake.

We are all thankful to be living in the 21st century but problems with obesity and fertility loom large in the USA. If you are seeking help with any health issues and want to learn more about how Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can benefit you, then call Raviva Fertility Doctors in Sunrise to help you with fertility doctors in Fort Lauderdale and make an appointment. The phone number is 954-888-8355 and the email is booking@thebewellcenters.com if you prefer to send a message.

Fertility Doctors Fort Lauderdale

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