Massachusetts is a U.S. state that borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Connecticut and Rhode Island to the South, New Hampshire, and Vermont to the North and The State of New York to the West. It is the most populous state in the New England Region of the northeastern U.S. Its capital is Boston which is the most populous city in New England. Massachusetts has 50 cities and 301 towns which are grouped into 14 counties which include Suffolk, Middlesex, Hampden, Bristol, Essex and Plymouth amongst others.

 Massachusetts has one of the highest-ranking and highest performing in healthcare in the U.S. It has the most doctors per 100,000 residents. It currently has about 143 hospitals and about 97.2% of its residents have health insurance coverage.

 With so many hospitals and a good health service landscape, residents of the state are guaranteed top quality healthcare. One of the many treatments any one may want to have in the state is an IV therapy.

 Intravenous or IV Therapy is when a patient receives substances and fluids which could either be medication or vitamins directly into their veins through a cannula tube or catheter. This enhances better absorption of these fluids and the transfer of whatever nutrients or medication into the body. It is more effective than an oral intake of drugs.

A person may need an intravenous therapy due to medical exigencies where a patient might not be able to receive fluids needed by the body normally or by “on-demand”. On-demand is when a person requests to be given an IV treatment even when it is not considered medically necessary nor specifically recommended by a doctor. At IV therapy Boston in Massachusetts, you can request and get one. This can be at your home, office, or hotel, anywhere you want it. On-demand intravenous therapy is not covered by your health insurance.

IV therapy can be received as a blend of vitamins and electrolytes. Depending on symptoms and a person’s budget, it can be received for most kinds of illness or treatments. This can range from common symptoms like fatigue and headache to chronic issues like cancer.

Since IV therapy is administered through the vein, the body is able to absorb medication or nutrients rapidly. In essence, if body fluids have been lost for any reason, intravenously taking substances can help to replenish them and speed up recovery. For busy people who might not have the luxury of time to go sleep in a hospital bed, IV therapy helps them recover fast.

Reasons why a Person Might Need an IV Therapy

For Recovery

You can take IV treatments for recovery from headaches, fatigue, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), (a condition that can cause a physical and emotional imbalance in women a couple of weeks before their periods begin). It can also help you to recover from a hangover after a night of partying and drinking. It is also effective in recovery from flu and cold by helping make your immunity strong against infections. If you travel and feel tired, or you have done some strenuous athletic activities, vitamin and electrolytes can be administered to help you get back whatever was depleted and return you to optimum energy levels.

For Body Optimization

If you feel stressed due to your daily demands, an IV therapy can provide you with a boost and relieve the impact of stress on your body. You can also use them to be consistently in an optimal health condition. It can be used to provide you with the rights nutrients needed by your body as a form of supplement. It can also be used to give you a quick energy boost when you need it. Instead of waiting to get it for recovery from flu, you can get an IV for prevention by boosting your immune system. Also, are you preparing for a party and cannot afford to be down the next day due to a hangover or too much food and drink, then taking an IV boost can help you a great deal.

For Medical Purposes

A lot of IV therapy sessions are administered for medical reasons. This is usually due to a patient’s low levels of fluids or nutrients needed in the body and possibly the inability of the patient to get the levels up by normal intake or oral intake of drugs. IV therapy makes it faster as it goes straight into where the nutrients are needed with no need for digestion. It can be used for various medical conditions like cancer, scurvy, heart disease and to detox the body of heavy metals like lead and mercury. These are done by administering boosters like vitamin C, zinc, glutathione and several others. If you have questions about the therapy read up this article here.


Administering fluids and substances like vitamins via IV therapy is common and safe. If for any reason, you are unable to take enough fluids to stay hydrated, it is the best way to get them.

While receiving one, if you notice the flow is too fast or too slow, speak to your nurse about checking the flow to be sure you do not have an overload or a low flow rate. An overload of it can lead to you experiencing symptoms such as troubled breathing, anxiety or headaches. Alert the nurse immediately if you experience any of these.

Be careful not to dislodge your catheter by staying still. Also, be careful not to pull on the tube during the fluid administration.

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