Motherhood is considered as one of the most difficult decisions a woman can make in their life. Any woman can conceive and carry a baby for nine months or less. However, not every one of them chooses or even decides to become a mother. It can be a rather tiring job. You need to take care of the baby until he or she is old enough to take care of his or herself. Even then, motherhood lasts for as long as both shall live. It is a job that does not have compensation, but for the best mothers, having their children grow healthy and well is compensation enough. Read more about it here.

One of the so-called duties of being a mother is making sure that their child does not go hungry. While they are still young, many doctors and experts would agree that the best food for children below a year or two is breast milk. It is naturally made by mothers once their body realizes that they have to give birth. This is also considered an instinct by the mother, as their child also needs the sustenance to live. Breast milk is considered as best milk for babies, and nothing could ever replace that.

However, times are also changing. Women are now into a more active participation in the society. Although there is nothing wrong with being a housewife, more women enjoy being able to work and contribute to the family and society. Also, there are women who are not really into breastfeeding as well. As it takes up a lot of time, some women who enjoy the “active” lifestyle can find this as a hindrance to that life. This is why breast pumps and infant formulas became really popular for working moms. They were a convenient way for them to still feed their babies while working. Read about the invention of breast pump here.

One the other hand, there are still more mothers who prefer feeding their children with breast milk. There are more advantages to preferring this option. As long as the mother is also living a healthy lifestyle, the baby will also be healthy. A part of the nutrients that the mother takes in will be received by the baby. Also, it can be a great experience for the baby to be held by the one who bore them. It reinforces the love and connections between the two and is linked to a better relationship later in life.

One of the important factors that can help women breastfeed better is hydration.

Tips For Proper Hydration – Mom Edition

  1. Drink water during breastfeeding session.

It is important to stay hydrated all the time during the day. This is more important for mothers since you are also feeding another person using your own resources. If you deplete your own needs, then you wouldn’t help your baby at all. If you forget, you can always schedule drinking water during breastfeeding. If you take it before and after the feeding, not only will you help your body recover the lost fluids but it will also help you remember.

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Another way that you can stay hydrated is through eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Most of them will have water so it can help while still drinking other fluids. You can also add these to your drinking water to make it more flavorful. This can be your replacement for other beverages like sodas which do not really add anything positive to your health.

  1. Hydrating drinks can also help recover electrolytes.

On the other hand, you can also drink premade beverages that has a lot of electrolytes. It isn’t just a flavored drink as these can replenish you in way that water might not be enough. There are a lot of options on the market like sports drinks but these are not recommended for lactating mothers. You can always go the natural option like in this page here:

  1. Avoid alcohol as much as possible.

Depending on your doctor, some mothers can actually drink alcohol. However, too much alcohol can affect the quality of the breast milk. It can dilute or even remove the nutrients in the milk which can affect the baby on their growing up stage. If possible. avoid drinking at all so that it will be better for the baby.

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