Insurance For Uber Drivers

Article provided by: OnGuard Insurance Services

Insurance For Uber Drivers

On Guard Insurance sells auto insurance for Uber drivers at incredibly affordable rates. If you’ve recently found out that you have a gap in your auto coverage and are looking at Insurance for Uber drivers, OnGuard can get you the coverage you need for about $10 per month.


The main problem is that your Transportation Network company’s insurance does not cover you before you pick up your fare- and your own personal insurance does not cover you after you log in to your company’s app. That leaves an obtrusive gap in your coverage, and if you get in an accident during that time-frame, sometimes referred to as Period 1, your insurance company will deny your claim.


OnGuard Insurance is an authorized Mercury Insurance producer, and offers insurance for Uber drivers through their ‘transportation endorsement’ for Period 1 coverage. You might be surprised to learn that their Period 1 coverage is only about $10 per month! If you’ve been calling around or looking online for gap insurance for Uber drivers, you know that’s a terrific rate. As OnGuard Insurance already offers some of the best rates around, you’ll probably end up paying less than what you were paying before you found out you needed Uber insurance.


Let OnGuard help you get covered. Call one of their agents at 888-997-8683 to speak with a knowledgeable agent who can answer all of your questions and provide you with a free quote. You can even get set up and insured in just a few minutes! Best of all, you’ll feel a lot better while you’re out driving around waiting to pick up your next ride.


If, like 500,000 other rideshare drivers out there, you thought your Transportation Network’s insurance company had you covered, it can be a hard pill to swallow when you find out that you’re not covered while you’re out there on the road working. Make sure you get the extension you need to fill in that gap, with insurance for Uber drivers from OnGuard Insurance.


Many rideshare drivers want to know why they can’t just drive with their own personal auto insurance in place. The answer to that is a simple one. Your personal auto policy only covers you when you’re not working. Once you log in to your transport company’s app, you cross the line between personal driving and business driving. Since your company does not cover you before you actually pick up your passenger, and your personal auto policy has not yet kicked in, you’re left exposed to a potential accident that your insurance company will not pay for.


OnGuard’s insurance for Uber drivers makes up the gap, and offers an extension that fully covers you during that Period 1 time-frame, at the incredible price of about $10 per month. To learn more, contact an agent from OnGuard Insurance by calling 888-997-8683.


Make sure you’re protected with the coverage you need, with OnGuard’s insurance for Uber drivers that will give you superior peace of mind. Call today, or visit to learn more.

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