Do you dream of healthy and perfectly aligned teeth, but afraid of feeling awkward with traditional braces? Forget everything you know about the classic braces. We recommend Invisalign. The only invisible device that straightens discreetly, even the most problematic teeth. With the help of the transparent and detachable mouth guards, Invisalign works efficiently on each tooth.

What makes Invisalign a unique dental appliance is the modern technology it uses. This uses a 3D model of the patient’s teeth, based on its dental impression and radiographs.

With this 3D fingerprint, the specialist utilizes the ClinCheck treatment plan, which predicts how each tooth will move, at each stage of the treatment, the duration of the treatment, and the outcome.

Invisalign is mobile and comfortable

It straightens the teeth discreetly with the help of transparent and detachable mouth guards. Unlike classical devices, Invisalign is not fixed and immovable. You can remove it any time you please. Whether you want to eat or wash your teeth, you can remove it and then put it back. Based on countless research, Invisalign in Jacksonville FL has perfected this intricate procedure.

Each aligner is made from a flexible but solid material and can be removed at any time if the situation so requires. With this type of braces, you won’t visit the dentist as often and you will end up spending a lot less than usual.

With your treatment plan, the doctor taking care of your case will give you the kit in advance for several months and you can change them yourself.

The orthodontic device that is superior than traditional braces

Invisalign is the only dental device that lets you see from the beginning of your treatment how your teeth will evolve. Based on a dental fingerprint, using a 3D virtual program, you will be able to see and understand in detail each step your pearly whites will take.

It is also the only dental device in which certain teeth can be programmed not to move: for example, if the patient has implants or dental work, the device can be programmed not to move them. This is a feature unavailable for other orthodontic appliances.

Invisalign works slowly, moving your teeth constantly with a controlled force until you reach the desired result. The mouth guard sets are changed every two weeks, correcting your teeth’s position step by step. See more about it here.

How did the story of the Invisalign start

The ideal smile is not just a dream. We strive to turn it into reality, and we have perhaps the most revolutionary braces. It was designed to perform its mission quickly, painlessly, with maximum efficiency and discretion. Invisalign appeared in 1999 in the US and was originally created for Hollywood stars. The amazing results immediately brought popularity among the masses.
The best friend of your teeth

Due to the fact that it is mobile, meaning it can be removed during meals, the patient has no restrictions on the food or beverages consumed. We can not say the same thing about conventional devices. Oral hygiene can also be done without problems, which reduces the risk of caries and other dental pathologies.

The braces use a small, stagnant pressure on the teeth, so the patient does not feel pain. The post-treatment sensitivity is diminished, unlike fixed orthodontic treatments that may have long-term repercussions on the teeth. Additionally, because the collars do not stick directly to the teeth, as the brackets do, there is no risk of the enamel being affected in any way. The Invisalign does not injure your gums and does not destroy your enamel because it is made of a soft, transparent and very resilient material.

Proper oral hygiene

When following orthodontic treatment, you will need to pay special attention to hygiene, as teeth brushing becomes more complicated. To ensure that you can clean your teeth efficiently without missing any important steps, you should consult your doctor.

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There are a few food that you should avoid during the treatment and which you have to remove from your usual diet. Anything that has a hard or sticky consistency and a lot of sugar should be avoided since this may cause dental damage. To ensure optimal results, sticking to the right diet plan is advised.

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