Temperance Bediako

Temperance has been working with Coach Ciara and has lost 10 pounds by parking further away from the truck stops, meal prepping, cutting out soda, and using the Rolling Strong app to collect points and keep her accountable while tracking her progress. Keep up the great work Temperance!

Victor Williams

Victor loves the points and the driver-designed exercises on the Rolling Strong App. He has been working with Coach Nancy remotely, Coach Lorrie (shooting hoops in Hutchins, TX), and saw Coach Melanie in Chattanooga, TN. He’s exercising more and his systolic blood pressure has dropped 14 points. Keep up the great work Victor!

Darrell Underwood

Darrell is a driver with HYTT Drivers and has been using the Rolling Strong app to lose weight and is down 15 lbs! He said that the app puts wellness at the forefront and it reminds him to keep going. He tracks all of his food through the app and tries to stay under his calorie goal. He also enjoys the driver exercises has tried them all. He uses the app to message Coach Dawn whenever he needs to reconnect and review is fitness goals. His goal is to lose another 40 lbs. Great job Darrell!

Michael Jones

I am really enjoying the app. I use it mostly for steps and for sleep. Coach Nancy has been very helpful in helping me set and achieve weight loss goals. She has great tips and ideas on how to reach realistic goals.

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