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You are an individual subscriber if your company does not offer the Rolling Strong Wellness Program.

As an individual subscriber, you only pay $5 per month for our mobile app, wellness coaching, and member portal and you can cancel at any time.

The App puts the tools in the drivers hands to combat the challenges of staying healthy with an on-the-road lifestyle.

The App focuses on the three main areas that contribute to driver health issues: nutrition, exercise and sleep. The more the driver interacts with the App, reminding them to focus on nutrition, sleep and exercise, new healthy habits will be created through repetition. The App makes getting healthy a fun and social experience as drivers can engage with other drivers, challenge and encourage one another. Each day, drivers can collect points as they make healthy decisions and trade these points in for rewards offered in the App.

Drivers will receive in-app support and coaching from our Wellness Coaches, specifically trained in the driver lifestyle.

The App’s extensive feature list and support system is an all-inclusive tool to help reverse the declining health of America’s drivers. Drivers can confidently pass their DOT exam and fleets will experience a healthier workforce less prone to injury.


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