Pennsylvania Aco

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Pennsylvania Aco

Pennsylvania ACO is a network of physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers who share the same ideals in providing a state-wide health improvement for Pennsylvania. Members participating in an ACO come together to deliver coordinated and enhanced health care in hopes of preventing medical errors, and avoiding unnecessary duplication of services and expenses for each patient. These physicians and health care providers will become a patient’s partner in making the proper care decisions at the right time and right settings.

How Will Pennsylvania ACO Improve the Quality of Health Care?

Hospitals, physicians, and health care providers within the Pennsylvania ACO network will have access to a patient’s medical information.  They will also be able to share information with one another in order to give patients coordinated and quality care. Through this, each member of an ACO will not only know about a particular patient’s health issue that they have treated. They will also have a better understanding of the whole picture of a patient’s health status by coordinating with other health care providers. When a patient seeks medical help from a Pennsylvania ACO member, they will be guaranteed to receive an enhanced and more coordinated treatment.   

Is a Patient’s Medical Information Secure?

Members of Pennsylvania ACO and other staff authorized to help coordinate a patient’s treatment will be able to read their medical records in order to coordinate fully. But rest assured that the security, as well as the privacy of each patient’s medical information, will still be under the protection of federal law. A patient may also opt to have their name or other personal information removed from the records that will be shared within the network. They may contact their physician or health care provider to further learn more about how they protect their patient’s health information.

How Do I Become a Member of the Pennsylvania ACO?

To become a participating member of the Pennsylvania ACO, an institution, physician, or health care provider must first understand how the system works. They need to know how the system will impact their role, facility, as well as their financial projections compared to their current status. Finding out and meeting with other participants within the network is also important. After that, it’s just a matter of providing all the participation requirements of the network, undergoing the assessment, and signing the participation agreement of the ACO.

What Can a Member Get From Joining Pennsylvania ACO?

Physicians and other health care providers who wish to become part of Pennsylvania ACO will be able to enjoy both the autonomy of private practice as well as the benefits of a large group. Members of Pennsylvania ACO will be able to benefit from access to the statewide clinically integrated system. They will get to enjoy a higher value-based income, access to valuable first-class resources, as well as the support and backup of an experienced and expert group. By becoming a part of Pennsylvania ACO, physicians and other health care providers will have tremendous opportunities that go beyond independent practice.

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