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Countdown –
Health Competition begins in – 23 days
Virtual 5K entries available in – 27 days

Counting the days down

Results Results will be posted below on Oct. 25th




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Health Competition Oct. 19th – 25th
Wearable users
1st place – Bison Cooler
2nd place – $100 gift card
3rd place – Ogio Backpack

Non-wearable users
1st place – Fitbit
2nd place – Rolling Strong drawstring bag
3rd place – Rolling Strong soft cooler

Virtual 5K Oct.23rd – 25th
1st place – Garmin watch
2nd place – $100 gift card
3rd place – Ogio Backpack

Manually Enter 5K Time



    Caleb Chatfield
    Chris Petersen
    Andrew D. Petrofsky
    Daniel Goff
    Jacob Newman
    Dan Horvath
    Russell Simpson
    Brad Nelson
    Herschel Evans
    20 mins 24 seconds
    24 minutes 10 seconds
    24 minutes 31 seconds
    28 minutes 18 seconds
    29 minutes 7 seconds
    32 minutes 35 seconds
    51 minutes
    58 minutes
    64 minutes
    71 minutes 41 seconds
    Shannon Newton
    Whitney Loring
    Sherri Garner Brumbaugh
    Melody Jordan-Carr
    30 minutes 11 seconds
    36 minutes
    51 minutes 49 seconds
    77 minutes

    Caleb Chatfield – time 20 mins 24 sec- wins a Garmin Wearable
    Chris Petersen- time 24 min 10 sec- wins a $100 GiftCard
    Andrew D. Petrofsky- time 24 min 31- sec- wins an Ogio backpack


    Shannon Newton- time 30 mins 11 sec- wins a Garmin Wearable
    Whitney Loring- time 36 mins- wins a $100 Gift Card
    Sherri Garner Brumbaugh – time 51 mins 49 sec- wins an Ogio Backpack

    Health Competition Winners

    Bracket 1- Participants with a Wearable Connected

    Sherri Brumbaugh- wins a Bison Cooler
    Andrew Petrofsky- wins a $100 Gift Card
    Dale Bennett- wins an Ogio Backpack

    Bracket 2- Participants without a Wearable connected

    Herschel Evans- wins a Fitbit Wearable
    Melody Jordan-Carr- wins a $100 Gift Card
    Jake Newman- wins an Ogio Backpack

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