Linda Froemming

Did you know that it takes 21 days to form a habit? I am living proof of that! I never thought I would look forward to exercising but now I do! Anybody who struggles to be consistent with healthy life choices should do what I did and not only utilize the Rolling Strong program but also take part in regular Rolling Strong competitions. I recently participated in my first Rolling Strong competition and ended up experiencing an unexpected result – I got to the point where I now truly ENJOY being a more active person! I always wanted to be this person but I never could commit to it for more than a week or two because my mind would start playing tricks on me by reminding me about the “more important things” I had to do, so I never stuck to it. I’m sure many of you know exactly what I’m talking about, right? Now when I wake up every morning, I find myself thinking about when I’m going to fit in my exercise because I WANT TO, not because I have to. It feels amazing! I feel better about myself and I naturally want to be more active and do things that are good for my health.

I realized when I joined this Rolling Strong competition recently that in order to really have a chance at placing in the competition, I had to use every aspect of the program. They designed it this way because all of it matters when it comes to your health. The competition lasted for 4 weeks. Every day I watched those gauges go from red to green to help keep me on track and I watched my points increase and that further motivated me, then I’d look to see how others were doing and that motivated me even more to do better and better. By that last week I suddenly noticed a difference in my mindset – I was happier, I felt better both physically and mentally, I could breathe easier because my body was handling the stress of my job better, and I felt awesome that I was now the active person I always wanted to be!

Start using the Rolling Strong program and join a competition like I did. You can even start a small competition with a friend or co-worker if you don’t want to take part in a larger one. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, and you’re not only helping yourself, you’re helping others as well by motivating, holding each other accountable, and becoming healthier and happier people. It’s a positive thing all around and we could all use more positivity in our lives. Just give it your ALL and you’ll see! And then do it AGAIN AND AGAIN to help you stay engaged and mindful and never give up! You’ll feel like sharing it with everyone like I did once you start feeling better. You’re worth it and you deserve to put yourself first!

–Linda Froemming