Michael Kane

I felt down because I let myself get out of shape and my health was a struggle for a long time. Two months ago I said “I have to do something” and decided to give Rolling Strong a chance. This is truly the most engaging fitness and health app and competition I have ever been a part of. Its not just another fitness app counting calories and fat! It got me engaged in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

I now pay attention to sleep, hydration, steps, fitness, heart rate and logging food. I am also using a wearable to track my fitness. The coaching is the best part of the competition for me! Coach Claudia has been the most important part of the experience! She has given me all the tools to start a healthy lifestyle in this competition and succeed at it. Now, I feel like I’m progressing every week, I’ve lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks. Most importantly, I’m learning how to make this a healthy lifestyle.

-Michael Kane