Stephen Kane

Went to the doctor yesterday and he was so excited about my transformation, he had me wait until my former doctor from last year could come out to see me. Lost 55 lbs, removed from blood pressure medicines, gout medicine and cholesterol medicine. Reversed the condition of chemo induced cardio-myopathy and passed my stress test with flying colors. Both doctors hugged me and congratulated me with such enthusiasm and sincerity. This almost brought tears to my eyes! If you are not happy with how you feel, not happy with your health and afraid to take the first step, please think again. I have had cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and a series of accidents that included a several broken vertebrae and other bones. Getting in shape is not just looking great, it is a patient journey of education, work ethic, short term and long term goals with a beautiful destination of optimal health ahead. Please think about making that first step today.