Treatments That You Can Get From A Dentist in Pensacola

You may want to change something about your smile. It is said that the smile can make you look more beautiful, especially if you have pearly white and even teeth. You can read more tips for a nicer smile on this site here. If you have yellowish and crooked ones, you may not smile a lot because you think that you don’t look good.

There are also instances where you experience tooth loss because of sporting accidents or trauma. Sometimes, you may find that your teeth are not what they used to be because you acquired a specific medical condition as you age. Regardless of the causes, the good news is that dentists in Pensacola can help you treat tooth decay, clean your mouth, and help you get an even smile.

Here are common treatments that can help change the way you smile and improve your oral health at the same time.

1. Dental Crowns

If you have discolored or damaged tooth structures, then dental crowns can help you with your teeth’ overall look. They are fitted at the top of a tooth, and they are commonly placed after a dental bridge or root canal treatment.

You can choose crowns made from ceramic or porcelain, and they are made to match your teeth’ color. You will have a more natural finish this way. Some people wanted to get the gold or metal for the outer layers, but it depends on your preferences.

You may require to visit your dentist twice for the crown to be completed. They may need to do fittings first and then manufacture them on the events following the second appointment. The installation will usually happen on your next visit.

2. Implants

If you want to have a complete set of teeth, then implants are for you. They are commonly used to replace a missing tooth, which can impact your chewing and speaking ability. Your overall health and the look of your smile will improve significantly with implants.

A titanium post will act as a root, and it is then placed inside your jaw. The post will serve as the root that supports the crown. This solution is more permanent compared to dentures that can be easily removed. You can know more about the whole procedure of implants on this site here:

However, not everyone is qualified to have implants. For those who have gum diseases or have medical conditions like diabetes, the titanium post may be dislodged after a time, so it’s not recommended to get these things. If you are a smoker, your dentist may also not recommend the implants since smoking will affect your recovery period.

3. Bridges

The bridges can be similar to implants, but they are a set of false teeth attached to crowns. If you have a gap, then the dentist will put crowns on the teeth on either side of it. The bridge will then be cemented into place, and you can get a more beautiful smile in the process.

Bridges are less permanent compared to implants. However, your dental care provider may recommend these if you are going to have crowns in the future anyway, and you are looking to change your smile by replacing the missing teeth. Your dentist will decide whether implants or bridges are the right treatment for you after an examination.

4. Veneers

Veneers are added on the front teeth, and they are very thin. They are used to correct cracks, chips, and small gaps resulting from an injury or decay. Your dental care provider will make porcelain veneers specifically for your needs, and they are made to fit. Other varieties like composite resin veneers are slowly getting built up inside the mouth over time.

While veneers can be a temporary solution for minor crookedness, you may be recommended to get braces if there are serious misalignment issues. Orthodontic treatment in Pensacola can last for years, but they can address all the other problems mentioned above. Speaking of orthodontic brings us to the next topic.

5. Orthodontics

You may know someone in high school who had braces, but adults are getting orthodontic treatments nowadays too. The misaligned jaws and crooked teeth make it easier for food particles to be trapped in the areas between the teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Another thing is that many adults now want to have straighter teeth because it dramatically improves their appearance.

If you are into this treatment, some aligners and braces can move your jaw and teeth into a straighter position. With regular adjustments at My Dentist in every appointment, you can find that the brackets and wires’ force will make the teeth straighter. Most adults choose clear aligners so that they can get treatments without the noticeable metal from braces.

The length of treatment for each person varies, so you may need to consult your dentist for this first. Some people may finish their orthodontics treatment in just a few months, and some will require 2 to 4 years.

6. Teeth Whitening

For many people, whitening doesn’t matter as it does not have any health benefits compared to the other procedures. However, this is still one of the most popular services out there. Many people are now posting photos and videos of themselves on social media, and their smiles are the envy of their friends. Having whiter teeth can mean better health, and lifting stains and discolorations can significantly improve one’s smile.

There are take-home kits and clinic treatments that whitens the teeth. Trays and whitening gels are the most common ones that you can do at home. You can see the desired results within 1 to 2 weeks. Your dental care provider will examine the results on your appointment date, and they will tell you if you are on the right track. In some cases, bleaching will not be sufficient, especially for those people who have severe medical conditions that need treatments first.

If you are unsure where to start, you can always chat with your local dentist in Pensacola. They will do a complete examination of your oral health, and they will determine which treatments are right for you. A tailored treatment option is what you need for a more beautiful smile and healthy teeth.