Understanding Kids’ Braces With The Malahide Orthodontist

Many children require help in ensuring that their teeth are properly aligned. Few of them have either underbite or overbite issue and some of them have other conditions that require a thorough diagnosis. No matter what the problem is, braces can help them achieve perfectly aligned teeth the way they should be.

Children’s braces are designed as per the individual needs of children. These can fix the issues by exerting mild pressure on the teeth so that they can eventually get back to the right position.

They generally comprise wires and rubber but there are a ton of new options also available. This makes the entire process quite confusing. In order to avoid making wrong treatment choices, you need to turn to a reliable Malahide Orthodontist for better guidance and assistance. The experts will help you navigate through the entire process smoothly by providing you with detailed information and the best care all through.

Common reasons why children require braces

Malahide orthodontist would recommend braces for children owing to a variety of reasons. Some of the common reasons include

  • Overlapping or crowded teeth

Dental braces can be used to straighten overlapped teeth so that they can align appropriately. They can lower crowding issues and can be used to move teeth in a suitable position.

  • Correcting bite issues

Overbite, underbite, and other issues in children can be fixed. They are not just unsightly but also pose other issues such as the way a child chews food. Follow this link to learn more about what causes a bad bite – https://bit.ly/37puRir. Correcting bite-related issues improves chewing which in turn allows them to receive maximum nutritional benefits from the food they eat.

What is the right time to use them?

The right time for orthodontic treatment in children is dependent on various factors. Interceptive orthodontics can be used in younger children. It guides the palate, jaw, and teeth during the growth phase and also significantly improves spacing and other issues.

An initial screening is generally recommended by Malahide orthodontists around age 7. This is the time when permanent teeth begin to erupt and are actually the right age to decide if the child requires braces or not. Starting the treatment at an appropriate age ensures that the problem is corrected on time without any delays.

In some cases, the treatment can be initiated only when the skeleton is fully formed. Each case is treated uniquely by Malahide orthodontists and they assess the condition of each child before recommending any treatment.

Will they interfere with a child’s life?

Many children fear getting braces. They believe that it will interfere with their music lessons, sports, or may make them appear ugly.

  • Appearance concerns

If your child is upset that they would look ugly with braces, then you can speak to Malahide orthodontists about the options available. You can go for clear ones and consider other options too that make them appear less conspicuous.

You can also explore to make them appear cool instead of shying away from them. You also need to have a word with your child about the results of opting for a dental procedure and that it would benefit them in the future.

  • Playing musical instruments

Children with traditional braces can play brass and wind instruments with much ease. They may take some time initially to get adjusted to playing an instrument while wearing braces. However, it is possible to wear dental braces and play an instrument with much ease.

  • Sports

If you are concerned that wearing dental braces can hinder your child from participating in sports, then you can speak to a Malahide orthodontist to address your concerns. The dentist may recommend your child a mouth guard or any other option so that no issues arise at a later stage.


Children’s braces are worth your money, time, and effort. Connecting to a reliable orthodontist will not only help you receive all the information that you need about getting them for your child but will also enable to improve their aesthetics. You can raise all your concerns and have them addressed before proceeding with the process. Once you are satisfied with the provided solutions, you can decide to go with the provider.