Aromatherapy is certainly not a new thing, but it has been increasingly gaining popularity as a mainstream way to improve your environment. However, with a number of multi-level marketing companies jumping on to the bandwagon it can be hard for people to understand where the line between highly beneficial and actually dangerous comes in to play. Many of the people that are selling essential oil-based products are not knowledgeable about the health effects of different oils or different oil blends, and rely on reading a simple blurb provided by the company rather than on reading further about the potential dangers.

How Can Essential Oils Be Used?

Although one of the most common methods to embrace the effects of using oils is to use an oil burner, there are now so many new technologies on the market that it can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t need to be. Looking at different companies will offer options, you can get a clear idea of which method would be best suited for your need, from Moxe oil diffusers to inhalers, massage oils.

The only thing to be careful of is that you aren’t ingesting non-food grade oils, although you will often see websites that suggest adding a few drops off lavender or peppermint to a cup of tea, this can be a very dangerous practice. If you are interested in using essential oils in food, then consult in person with a qualified aromatherapist who can provide the appropriate ingredients.


These can be made from a range of materials, with the most common being ceramic. Generally, they are used by putting water into a bowl, adding a few drops of the oil, and then using a tealight candle underneath to create a steady source of heat to the water. This creates a very gentle steam which helps the oils to evaporate and diffuse through the room.

This method is best when you are wanting a subtle fragrance in a small or medium room.

You can also get electric diffusers. These are often preferred by commercial companies or for using blended essential oils. With most you will fill up a large water reservoir, and this will heat up to send out quite an intense continuous flow of steam. If you are going this way, try and find one with the ability to control the intensity of steam, particularly if you are wanting to use the device in a smaller room. Although they will actually be able to permeate the average house, having one that is working too intensity can certainly cause headaches and a range of unwanted side effects.


These can be fantastic for helping with mood issues, whether you have anxiety or just need a boost of confidence before stepping onto the stage for a performance. They should be highly diluted as the membrane between your nasal cavity and brain is surprisingly thin, you want to get the positive advantages of the blend, not completely overwhelm your senses.

Although you may find versions that you use in each nostril, these are generally just for treating a blocked nose. For essential oil inhalers you will normally place your lips around the inhaler, breath in through your mouth, and out through you nose. This process of breathing will also help you to concentrate on your breathing, and the blend used will help produce a feeling of peace or energy, depending on the options you have chosen. There are other blends, but these would be the two most popular ideas for this method.

Be careful that you are not confusing a personal diffuser with Vaping, as they sometimes do look similar, but are very different products.

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