Wellness Competitions

Wellness Competitions

The need for organizations to embrace wellness competition cannot be overemphasized. From boosting productivity to improving job satisfaction to reducing your company’s health bills, the benefits are enormous, especially when it is properly conducted. Do you know how to get the best result from your workplace fitness and wellness competition? We will quickly discuss a few ways you can do that and significantly improve the overall wellbeing of your employees. Remember that this will have ripple effects that will result in improved productivity and a more fulfilled workforce.

Be Innovative With Your Workplace Wellness Challenges

When you learn to spice up your wellness competition programs, they will become much more effective. You don’t have to rely on the same challenges for a long time. Spice up the regular programs and find other innovative ways to get your workforce to stay fit and healthy. Some organizations are turning to app-based challenges. The Tribe.Fit fitness and health challenge platform is a good example of app-based challenges that can deliver excellent results. 

A Prize Money Will Always Provide the Needed Motivation

Monetary reward is always enticing. It can be the major motivator for employees to take your wellness competition seriously. The strategy works best in inter-team competitions. Nobody would want to be the reason the team lost the money, so they will work extra hard to reach the set goal. HealthyWage’s wellness challenge comes with big money for workplace teams that achieve certain metrics like scoring the biggest weight loss. A competition that is in line with your company’s wellness program is worth the money.

Provide Discounts to Healthy Eating and Fitness Establishments

This is one subtle way to encourage people in your organization to eat healthy and stay fit. It is also an effective way to support any fitness competition you already have. Everyone loves to get discounts on things they consider important. When your workers know that it is coming from the office, they will get the message and embrace your wellness competition fully. If your organization maintains a good relationship with the local food or fitness establishment, they may likely reward you in other ways.

Discontinue Low-Quality Snacks in Vending Machines

This is another bold step that will help your employees feed better and stand a better chance of reaching the fitness and wellness goals they are striving for. You may be surprised that some people snack on low-quality foods because they do not know much about what they contain and are less bothered to check.

A Complete Health and Fitness Challenge Is Most Important

Most organizations focus on weight loss programs alone. You shouldn’t make the same mistake. A complete health and fitness challenge is always the best. It is the most viable way to ensure that your employees are on the right path to good health, overall wellbeing, and improved productivity.

Do you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your workplace wellness competition? Contact Rolling Strong right here.

Wellness Competitions

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