Why Rolling Strong

  • The trucking industry at large has a massive problem on its hands. The industry simply cannot effectively attract, recruit and retain drivers.
  • The current supply of drivers is largely made up of an aging demographic, with notoriously poor health.
  • Annual turnover regularly exceeds 80% and every driver replaced costs the employer at least $5,000.
  • Fleets absorb significant costs (insurance, healthcare, lost revenue, recruiting, training, reduced productivity and more) due to driver injuries and illnesses, a large percentage of which are directly related to the general poor health of drivers due to the sedentary lifestyle they typically lead.
  • For drivers interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, making good choices regarding nutrition and exercise is very difficult.
  • Industry requirements for driver health are increasing the already extreme pressure on trucking companies to address driver health in a serious manner.
  • Industry leaders have publicly addressed the need for a comprehensive driver fitness and nutrition system.
  • Trucking companies offering Rolling Strong to their drivers will have a competitive advantage in terms of recruiting, retention and sustained driver performance.
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