Corporate Wellness

A healthy team is the foundation of any successful company no matter the size or industry. Get the corporate wellness program you need to keep your workforce in optimal condition. It will improve productivity, efficiency, and will cut down on costs associated with medical leave, workers comp, workplace accidents, absenteeism, presenteeism, and employee retention.

Our corporate wellness program has both out-of-the-box and customizable wellness solutions that can be designed to fit your budget, your resources available and can easily adapt to your current culture.

Our program success comes from our focus on building a healthy culture from leadership to the front line. As employees engage we teach them to focus on the 5 areas that people can control to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These five areas are sleep, fitness, nutrition, hydration, and mental well-being. With certified wellness coaches, focused marketing tools, a robust health platform, mobile apps, education, webinars, and much more, we have everything in place to successfully improve the overall wellness of your population.


  • Easy to deploy

    • Our base program is as easy as uploading a census to our platform.
    • Employees will immediately begin receiving education, wellness awareness campaigns, and invites to join the program, health competitions, and more.
  • Mobile Wellness

    • We have a variety of tools and our mobile app provides a place to access everything our program offers.
  • Health Clinic Network

    • Use our network to set up on-site screenings, provide access to thousands of clinics and kiosks across the US or upload info directly from your last doctor’s visit.
  • Interactive Profiles

    • Create and build on your personal health profile.
    • As employees engage in the program our smart technology guides them to achieve their goals.
    • Historical and real time health data is accessible in our HIPAA compliant portal and coaches have access to review and assist individuals in achieving health goals.
  • Customized programs designed to meet the needs of each industry

    • Customizable app UI, in-app branding, and the overall wellness that’s consistent with your company’s values.
    • Customize your own exercise and mobility library to compliment the physical demands of your population.
    • Customize ongoing health competitions.
    • Customize wellness awards brackets that will allow you to incentive employees for making verifiable progress.
  • Ongoing support to ensure long term success

    • Technical support
    • Coaching support
    • Program account management
  • Reporting

    • Engagement and participation
    • Metrics, and improvements
    • Award brackets and competitions

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