Individual Wellness

Wellness has become a watered-down word. Now it means anything from massage therapy to a new fitness plan to a podcast. Well… at Rolling Strong, we’re putting the meaning back. Are you trying to find a program that will help you identify and achieve your own personal optimal health? Then you’ve come to the right place. Rolling Strong wellness focuses on the 5 things that you can control, like sleep, fitness, nutrition, hydration, and mental wellbeing. Let our experienced and professional wellness coaches assist you in collecting the necessary biometric information, defining your goals, and building an action plan to achieve them. Better yet, connect with thousands of others on the program with our social platform or compete in RS Games and let our community help keep you motivated.

With only a small fraction of the population getting the recommended exercise and diet requirements, there’s a major demand for effective solutions. That’s why Rolling Strong has introduced individual wellness programs which provide health support to anyone looking to get in better shape. These programs are fun, simple, and effective!


  • Customized plan to meet your unique needs and goals
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and ongoing support for optimized results
  • Personal profiles to keep track of your progress over time
  • Adjustable goals to keep up with your improvement
  • A gamified mobile experience that makes getting healthy fun and exciting!
Individual Wellness Phone Image

What do you get?

Rolling Strong is a journey toward your optimal health. We begin by assisting you in uploading necessary information to the platform so our smart wellness technology and our coaches can help build a program that is personalized—and effective. You also get access to tools for logging your nutrition, hydration, and sleep; you get access to our fitness library and support modules that can assist in reducing stress and improving your overall well-being.

You can also connect a wearable and get something extra for logging steps or sleep, achieving target heart rate zones and completing workouts. You earn points for your wearable activities as well as other manual entries like logging your food calorie intake. You can even compete with other Rolling Strong users to win prizes and awards.

In short, Rolling Strong is an effective program that rewards you for your progress while giving you all the support you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Base Program - $5 per month

  • Mobile app includes fitness, nutrition, sleep, hydration & wellbeing tools
  • Podcasts, videos & blogs
  • Limited coaching
  • Social network
  • Competitions
  • Health history

In app purchases available for:

  • Additional Coaching sessions
  • Clinical health screenings
  • Wearables & fitness trackers

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