Transportation Wellness

Truck drivers face difficult working conditions: long hours on the road, little time to exercise, and few (if any) healthy options for food. Fatigue and lack of focus behind the wheel can increase accidents and on-the-job injuries. Declining health contributes to turnover and retention issues, reduced productivity, and an increase in overall healthcare costs.

The trucking industry has known for a long time that the negative health conditions of our professional drivers prevent us from having a sustainable, reliable, and safe driver community. But with Rolling Strong, we’re trying to turn that around: We’ve helped thousands of truck drivers and dozens of companies take control of their health with our effective, easy-to-follow, and simplified wellness programs.

We provide meaningful tools the trucking population can utilize to improve their well-being and their performance. It’s time for your company to make a difference and give your front line the tools they need to stay healthy and safe on the road!


  • Wellness programs designed to treat health issues specific to the trucking and transportation industry
  • Lifetime support to ensure your truckers make the most of the program
  • Personal profiles to track and measure progress
  • Easy-to-follow design that encourages and promotes the use
  • Driver specific tools such as Ready Re-Cert that was designed to prepare drivers for their upcoming medical exam
  • Free programs, subsidized programs, and managed services are available
  • The most engaging gamification tools in the industry let your employees improve their health while earning rewards!

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