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There is no question that the immersion of telematics systems has improved the safety, compliance, and bottom line for many companies. Drivers now have a digital workstation that contains all of their tools in one handy and easily accessible place: What once was found in paper maps, paper logs, and communication over landline phones has been encapsulated in a handy device clipped to the dashboard of the truck.

Platform Science and Rolling Strong have added another important tool to the telematics workstation. The Platform Science version of Rolling Strong provides all the tools necessary for drivers to stay healthy on the road, prepare for DOT re-certifications, and allows the company to motivate their drivers by offering rewards and competitions to stay healthy.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Robust driver health and wellness application on the device
  • Unique log in allows access to the same info whether on the in-cab device or their cell phone
  • DOT Re-Certification tool
  • Complete managed service wellness program available
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